Using Pinterest for Your Business – How To is one of the fastest-growing social networks nowadays. Because just like Facebook on its own time, it offers something radically different. The network works quite different in comparison to Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. But what makes it so good for business is that there are certain niches and industries which can profit a lot from it, because its user-base is composed by people who have an active and even “burning” desire to buy things from those niches.

The Niches:

We must remember that Pinterest is composed by over 70% women and most of them come from the US. So, if you want to profit big time from this, then your business needs to be in a vertical or niche which goes towards women in the US.

That’s how you can profit big time from Pinterest, because otherwise, you won’t have much luck at all. Because for example, if you own a gaming store then it will be kind of hard to sell your products right there, as most people won’t be interested in it.

Well now you have it pretty clear: you need to target a women’s niche and you need to be able to deliver to the US. Otherwise it’s going to be very challenging and won’t be worth your effort at all. But don’t worry, because even there you can use Pinterest as an extra channel to syndicate your content online and therefore create lots of trust.

Setting It Up:

You need to create boards, where you will be able to “pin” your images. The point here is to create boards which target different sub-niches. If you have a store which sells a wide myriad of products for women, then you can create a board for purses, another for cosmetic and so on. The point here is to create boards which take care of showcasing different types of products.

You need to pin at least 20 images per board, and please don’t publish lots of publicity. You need to pin your own images along with images from other websites but that’s just to get started. Once you have built all of your boards, it’s about time to get some traffic.

Join Other Boards:

You need to find popular boards in your niche and see how you can join. Most of the time the board’s owner will leave its email in the description with the instructions you have to follow in order to get accepted.

You need to join as many as possible. Once you have a good number of them, you can start to pin images from your boards into these new boards, this will gain you a lot of traffic and new followers. If you follow this then you will be able to gain a large following which will always drive you warm and high-converting traffic.

That’s all. Create your own boards, join other boards and drive traffic. It’s as simple as that, and that’s why works so well!