Mission Statement

The Open Security Exchange (OSE) is an independent, cross-industry forum that promotes enterprise security management by addressing the lack of integration commonly found in today’s security infrastructure. The OSE drives the creation and adoption of interoperability standards by working closely with existing standards bodies. An advisor to government and commercial organizations, the OSE also leverages its combined expertise to educate security professionals worldwide about best practice security.

Security Management

Security management is about enabling organizations to effectively control their assets by creating cohesion in the security infrastructure. Effective security management results in the organization’s ability to considerably reduce its risk exposure and significantly diminish its operating costs. The vision of the OSE is to integrate the disparate technologies in today’s security infrastructure to provide optimal security and operational efficiencies, while respecting organization-specific operational requirements.

An Advisor

Leveraging the diverse expertise of its members, the OSE plays the integral role of security advisor to organizations worldwide. Law enforcement agencies, government and commercial organizations, educational and professional organizations can all turn to the OSE to provide subject-matter expertise in the area of security management.

A Pre-Standards Organization

In the absence of standards, the Open Security Exchange plays a leading role in defining initial technical specifications and submits these for adoption as working documents by standards organizations. OSE members, as leading industry solution providers, are well equipped to play this role as they have access to technology and the knowledge-base necessary to create pragmatic working documents on behalf of standards organizations.

A Post-Standards Organization

An important aspect of the OSE mission is to enable the adoption of standards by the industry. The OSE will play an active role in promoting existing standards and helping the industry interpret and implement these standards specifications in a cohesive way.

The Open Security Exchange was founded by Computer Associates International, Inc. (CA), HID Corporation, Gemplus and Tyco Software House on April 14th, 2003.