Open Security Exchange Resources – OSE Documents

Combined Credential Recommendations
Combined Credentials provide the glue that holds enterprise security together at the employee level. This slide deck provides an overview of combined credentials and makes recommendations for how to infuse them into your enterprise.

Best Practice – Integrating People Systems
This document summarizes drivers for the integration of access control systems with ERP systems, and then discusses some approaches. It also identifies focus areas for the OSE to support the industry in achieving these goals.

Physbits 1.0
Physical Security Bridge to IT Security (PHYSBITS) is a vendor-neutral approach for enabling collaboration between physical and IT security to support overall enterprise risk management needs.

Guidelines for Selection and Issuance of Identification Tokens For Logical and Physical Systems
This technical white paper is intended to educate users in the selection and management of different types of identification tokens (passive, proximity, intelligent, biometric-enabled etc). Specific best practice recommendations are provided for intelligent identification tokens and readers to enable smart card enabled access control for both physical and logical systems.

Trends 2005: Security Convergence Gets Real
By Steve Hunt, Forrester Research
In 2005,companies in Europe and North America will increase spending nearly threefold on projects that combine traditional physical security controls with IT security. This research report details a major focus area of OSE: the convergence of physical and IT security.